Les Corts | Barcelona | 2015


INCASÒL, Institut Català del Sòl


Bayona I Valero


Bernuz-Fernandez arq. SLP
Dalmau-Morros Tècnics SLP


Direcció General d’Arquitectura i Habitatge- INCASÒL




Jordi Canosa


In a plot classified as 10hj will be built 3 residential buildings for young people. The project entails 48 dwellings and a parking lot located perpendicularly to Dr. Joaquim Albarrán street. The distribution of such 3 buildings seeks the maximum adaptability to the topography of the existing land, in a way that the ground levels and elevations vary depending on their position and level. The elevations built on Albarrán street should be minified in order to match the neighboring buildings, accumulating the maximum heights in the interior West area of the plot. The body heights won’t exceed ground level + 3 floors, measured from the benchmark level of each block. The buildings generate variations in height in order to liberate land, sky and views on the rear façades and allow the introduction of green areas for optional gatherings in the center of each block. The South facing position of the buildings ensures a good orientation of all the dwellings. The access to the dwellings is organized in walkways, accessible from the central communication core or staircase connecting the floors. Most of the stairs are open to the exterior, except for the ones in the ground floors giving access to each building, where the main entrance is independent for each block. The urbanization is staggered in terraces around two very different spaces. One of them of green nature as the topographic preexistence of a hill section. The other, an urban paved plaza located over the ground level and providing access to the community services.

Awards and publications

2003 Projecte Guanyador. Concurs d’habitatges joves per Joves Arquitectes (Promogut per l’INCASÒL i el Col·legi Oficial d’Arquitectes de Catalunya. Promoció: Les Corts.
2003 Catàleg de l’exposició “Concurs d’habitatges per a joves Arquitectes. BCN” 48 Habitatges per a joves i 49 habitatges de HPO Generalitat Catalunya i COAC.
2004 Publicació revista“Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme nº 237”COAC.
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Publicació “Export Barcelona Social Housing in urban context”.
2014-15 Exposició “Import Geneva- Export Barcelona. Building Geneva_Projects versus challanges”.
Publicació “Export Barcelona Social Housing in urban context”.
2014-15 Exposició i Publicació “Barcelona Connection” al Pavillon SICLI Ginebra, Suiza.
2013-14 Exposició “Import Ticino- Export Barcelona. Arquitecture and Territory.
Publicació “Export Barcelona Social Housing in urban context”.