Guinardó | Barcelona | 2015




Bayona I Valero
Cantallops Vicente Arquitectes


Bernuz-Fernandez arq. SLP
Armengol & Ros consul. SLP
Dalmau-Morros Tècnics SLP






Jordi Surroca i Gael del Río


The Projecte d’Equipaments del Mercat del Guinardó is a complex ensemble of built 19.200m2 that integrates 5 different usages. The new ensemble becomes a new urban hub within the Guinardó neighborhood, integrating into the environment. The buildings fit into each other creating an architectural unit, where no building stands out over the other, prioritizing the public space. The anonymity of its outside, combining a white EIFS façade with a black ceramic base and trellis at the vertical access points, generates a serene architecture that integrates with its surroundings.

The primary health center (CAP), a building of ground level and four more floors, closes the plaza from the end opposite to the Market Tower. Through its access from the plaza it generates a connection between the Market plaza and the Teodor Llorente park.

The entries are emphasized by the incorporation of a wood trellis that differentiates each building.

In the interiors, each facility follows its particular logic and material appearance, each differing in the choice of materials and colors. The way the interiors are treated is what gives an identity to each usage.

The CAP combines black and white through the HPL panels at the examination and waiting rooms. The games of volumes and colors create rich spaces that are easy to identify by the users. |

Awards and publications

2016 Obra premiada a la categoria d’edificis no residencials a la Mostra d’Arquitectura catalana del COAC 2015-2016. Illa Equipament Guinardó.
2018-19 Exposició “Import Wallonie- Export Barcelona. Re-activate the city” Bruxelles / / Publicació “Export Barcelona Re-activate the City”.”
2015-16 Publicació Revista “Con Arquitectura nº 57”.
2011 Publicació “Equipaments: l’ordenació dels conjunts dotacionals. Dotze exemples a Barcelona”.Ajuntament de Barcelona.
2008 Publicació “Barcelona Transformació Plans i Projectes” Mercat del Guinardó. Ajuntament de Barcelona.