Guinardó | Barcelona | 2015


Horta Guinardó District
Barcelona City Council


Bayona I Valero
Cantallops Vicente Arquitectes


Bernuz-Fernandez arq. SLP
Armengol & Ros consul. SLP
Dalmau-Morros Tècnics SLP






Jordi Surroca i Gael del Río


Building of Ground Level plus 2 floors, that integrates a multipurpose and services room that can be made independent from the building at its access floor, a meeting and exhibition room, as well as several clear spaces ont the 2 upper floors that can be adjusted to different distribution options thanks to movable partition walls and sound-proof sliding doors.

The roof garden over the Ground Level, located on top of the assembly hall is a key element. This garden space is suitable for crops (completely waterproof gardening container of 35cm of soil depth), as well as to organize outdoor activities. This green roof appears out of pushing back the built volume of the Center in its upper floors with the goal of preserving the sunlight reach and the views over the existing neighboring dwellings, as well as to protect the privacy of such dwellings and of the Youth Center activities. The green roof enhances the sound-proofing of the hall underneath and creates a green lung in line with the Playground, the Courtyards and green roof of the Kindergarten and the courtyard of the Guinardó School located in the ground level of the dwellings volume.

This continuity of free green space inside the new buildings, of a more calm and quiet nature, is complemented with the continuity of green and public space surrounding the ensemble of facilities of the Guinardó Market.

Awards and publications

2016 Obra premiada a la categoria d’edificis no residencials a la Mostra d’Arquitectura catalana del COAC 2015-2016. Illa Equipament Guinardó.
2018-19 Exposició “Import Wallonie- Export Barcelona. Re-activate the city” Bruxelles / / Publicació “Export Barcelona Re-activate the City”.”
2015-16 Publicació Revista “Con Arquitectura nº 57”.
2011 Publicació “Equipaments: l’ordenació dels conjunts dotacionals. Dotze exemples a Barcelona”.Ajuntament de Barcelona.
2008 Publicació “Barcelona Transformació Plans i Projectes” Mercat del Guinardó. Ajuntament de Barcelona.